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About Hillwood Towing & Auto Body Services in Nashville

Hillwood Wrecker Service and Auto-Body is a family-owned and operated business that aspires to be the premier auto-body and wrecker service of choice in the local community driven by dedication, restoration, integrity, vitality, enthusiasm and necessity.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to providing customer satisfaction with high-quality services and excellent value. We are dedicated to meet the expectations and earn the loyalty of our customers and community.

Our Mission and Values

The foundational principles of the mission are aligned with the values and beliefs. The type of atmosphere created is built on trust, respect, integrity, satisfaction and value. The shared relationships have created an integration to participate and execute a positive mission statement. We strive to increase the understanding of what the culture represents. We will continue to observe, monitor, and achieve our mission.

Hillwood Leadership

The leaders are proactive in communicating and training to build strong organizational values between the employees to develop shared relationships. Our organization continues to ensure that we are ethically and legally protected with the primary objective to uphold our mission and well-being for others with integrity.

Building on a Legacy

In 1954, Mr. And Mrs. Charles Shope became part of the automotive repair industry and launched Hillwood Auto-Body and Wrecker Service. The internal focus for Hillwood consists of estimates, auto-repair and paint restoration. The external focus facilitates the surrounding fifty-mile radius for the law enforcement, emergency services, private and public motor vehicles. Hillwood has developed relationships with our customers, police department, vendors and insurance companies. Charles “Bill” passed away in September of 2011, and the legacy continues with the second and third generation that keeps the Shope family tradition alive.

Our family-owned auto-body and wrecker service has maintained a longstanding reputation and honorable practices throughout the years. Our campaign is a legacy of business practices with prompt service, honesty and customer-focused care with a commitment to being ethical and socially responsible. The auto-body and wrecker service has a priority to uphold the reputation the founders have established. Our employees understand that integrity and teamwork meet the needs and expectations of our customers and community.

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